Shoulder Pain Benches Top 50 CEO

“There are many rumors circulating on the internet regarding your shoulder injury,” writes a Top 50 fan from Sequoia Heights, Fla. “The silliest so far blames frozen golf balls, but Drudge is peddling some conspiracy theory going back to your college-radical days at Stanford. I’m guessing you’re keeping mum on purpose, to drum up more publicity. Am I right?”

John Garrity

Top 50 Founder and CEO John Garrity (right) at Madrid Central Station before his injury. (Photo by Edoardo Molinari)

Van — may I call you Van? — you couldn’t be more right. When I saw how much attention Tiger Woods gets for his career-threatening injuries, I decided to milk my recently-torn labrum for all it’s worth. Here’s how it works: Whenever a fellow journalist asks me why my right arm is dangling like an adventitious prop root, I smile enigmatically and walk away. This has gotten me front-page coverage in more than a hundred newspapers and three different citations on Bill Maher’s HBO program.

Frankly, it’s too easy — which is why I’m calling an end to it right now. Here’s the complete story, as revealed in my exclusive interview with Sports Illustrated senior writer Gary Van Sickle:

Q: Do you, in fact, have an injured shoulder?

A: Yes.

Q: Which shoulder?

A: I … [unintelligible] … agreement that we wouldn’t talk about that. You [redacted] only when ….

Q: How did you hurt it?

A: Actually, that’s kind of a funny story. In February, we had a brief thaw in Kansas City, so I went out to play a few holes at [42nd-ranked] Hillcrest. It was a breezy day, temperature in the fifties, the sun popped out now and again. However — and this makes me laugh ‘til my arm hurts — I didn’t consider the fact that my bag, and the golf balls in it, had been stored in an unheated garage at Catch Basin.But I noticed that none of my shots were flying more than a few feet off the ground — even the wedges! Naturally, I tried to hit them harder, but I got the same results. It wasn’t until I plopped three balls onto the iced-over pond on No. 14 that it hit me: I was playing with frozen golf balls! Hilarious, right? The next morning, of course, I woke up to the sensation of my shoulder caught in a bear trap.

Q: Your right shoulder?

A: Listen, if you’re going to [redacted] this bull—- [unintelligible] ….

Q: Fine. I’m out of here.

A: [Unintelligible] Right shoulder, yeah.

Q: What are you doing in the way of rehab?

A: I’m working with a trainer/therapist at my local 24 Hour Fitness. Most of the exercises involve gentle stretching to the sound of snapping ligaments and ripping muscle fibers.

Q: Is this your first shoulder injury?

A: No. Ten or fifteen years ago I shredded my left rotator cuff in a putting accident.

Q: A what?

A: I was playing [51st-ranked] Haig Point with some SI colleagues. What happened was, my cart was parked just off the green, so I was pulling my putter out of the bag while starting to walk toward my ball. Unfortunately, the putter grip got caught between some other shafts and didn’t clear the top of the bag. I called attention to it by screaming and falling to the ground.

Q: Did you finish the hole?

A: I think I’ve said enough on this subject.

Q: What impact will your injury have on Top 50 operations? Will course rating continue?

A: Of course not. You and the rest of the staff are furloughed until further notice.

Q: Well, [redacted] you. [unintelligible] …

A: My pleasure, Gary.

Top 50 on TV: Nothing this week, but the Arnold Palmer Invitational Starring Adam Scott is being played at 51st-ranked Bay Hill Club and Lodge in Bay Hill, Fla. Tiger Woods withdrew early in the week, sidelined by persistent back pain, and former Masters champ Bubba Watson withdrew after a first-round 83, citing allergies.


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3 responses to “Shoulder Pain Benches Top 50 CEO

  1. Clearly this is some kind of rancid hoax. There was no interview and my sources tell me that Garrity is currently in Pakistan hiding out in a camouflaged airplane hangar. Let me summarize today’s news: John wants 2 more strokes per side. Am I getting warmer?

  2. John, after seeing you at our beloved Hillcrest yesterday, I came right home and reread your conversation about the bad shoulder. Man, I can only hope for your fast recovery. Not only do I want to see you play in the member-guest, I just love watching very tall humans, like yourself, swing a golf club with reasonable efficiency. As you are a good four inches taller than any current member at Hillcrest, I will need to maybe see if our good friend Tony Guy, former KU basketball star, would consider becoming a member. He has got to have his head up there close to yours. And, as I have witnessed his swing at Hillcrest many times, he too has a flowing, fun-to-watch golf swing. There has got to be a point in here, somewhere or other — oh yea, I enjoy watching lefties bowl, southpaws pitch, and tall humans with coordinated golf swings; and you, friend, are one of those humans. So if some of your close fellow competitors think you are somehow trying to manipulate a handicap with a serious shoulder injury, then maybe there really is something rancid here.
    John Bozarth
    Head Golf Professional
    Hillcrest Country Club
    Kansas City, Missouri

    • Mr. B., I can easily answer the canard that I am manipulating my handicap by reminding everyone that I don’t HAVE a handicap. Not a U.S. handicap, anyway. I play off my six-year-old Irish handicap of 14, which is slightly inflated because I only turned in scores from challenging links courses that I played in gale winds. Anyway, thanks for watching. I endeavor to entertain.

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