Changes Ahead for Top 50 Blog?

Dear Readers: Although Mr. Garrity has not visited our Catch Basin headquarters for several weeks, he keeps in touch through texts and “honks.”* On Christmas Day he alerted us to a possible change of emphasis on the Top 50 blog. “More tour analysis,” he honked. “Less anime.” In a follow-up text, he wrote, “Offer Van Sickle premium to leave SI and cover tour full-time.”

Falcon Ridge's 15th hole

The 15th hole at 51st-ranked Falcon Ridge Golf Club, Mesquite, Nev. (John Garrity)

*Honks are 63-character messages from Honker Ltd., a Twitter rival in which Mr. Garrity has invested much of his fortune. If you would like to learn more about Honker, feel free to enter your social security and credit card numbers in the comment box.

We’re not sure what Mr. Garrity has in mind for 2012, but we know he’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year and remind you of the recent publication of Tour Tempo 2: The Short Game and Beyond by John Novosel and John Garrity, now available in iPad, Kindle and Nook editions.

On behalf of the Top 50 staff, I thank you for your past support and hope you’ll continue to count on the Top 50 for all your course-rating needs.


M. G. Snead, Operations Director

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