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Has It Really Been Two Years?

Yes, it has. My last golf course ranking appeared on Golf.com on July 26, 2007. Since then I have taken a golf sabbatical in Ireland, written a book about said sabbatical (Ancestral Links, New American Library), flogged my “best of” collection of golf stories (Tiger 2.0, Sports Illustrated Books), and retired from my full-time job at Sports Illustrated. It is only now, as I settle into life as a well-heeled pensioner, that I have time to resume my role as golf’s most trusted and independent course evaluator.

As before, my Top Fifty will utilize a secret algorithm developed by Cal Sci professor Charles Eppes. I still don’t understand how the algorithm works — it covers five blackboards in Charlie’s garage — but I’m told that NASA engineers are using it to schedule cafeteria hours at their Huntsville, Ala., research facility. I have also made improvements to the basement computer room at Catch Basin, my Kansas City home — including, but not limited to, upgraded software for my laptop and fresh batteries for the Bomar Brain.

I need a few more days to update the list. In the meantime, I have posted the 7-26-09 ranking in the sidebar. Please let me know if any of the listed courses have closed or otherwise lowered their standards.


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